Dan Saavedra


Dan is an expert in automation and data visualization. He approaches problems as interconnected networks, and likes to extract insights by connecting dots between obscure topics.

Dan has been working with data and systems since 2012. After 7 years of building solutions to make people's working lives easier at companies like Siemens Energy and FIS, he opened MergeYourData.com to focus on bringing top of the industry solutions to small and mid-size businesses.

At work he likes to:

  • Think from the user perspective, designing systems that ultimately make people's lives easier
  • Listen and ask questions before jumping into solutions
  • Keep in mind that more tools and automation might not be the best solution to a problem

Outside of work he likes to:

  • Work on his permaculture plot in his backyard
  • Hang out with his two herding dogs
  • Read and unplug from technology