Top 4 New Features in Tableau Desktop 2022.3 for Tableau Developers

February 7, 2023
Top 4 New Features in Tableau Desktop 2022.3 for Tableau Developers

Top 5 New Features in Tableau Cloud 2022.3

Top 4 New Features in Tableau Desktop 2022.3

1. Data Guide

Ever have those users who want to dive one step deeper into the data? They're never happy with the dashboards you provide and always ask for more ad-hoc "deep-dives".

Data Guide might be the best way to tackle this issue. It's an automated way to deep dive into data points on your dashboards.

2. Data Pane Follows You

Nothing is worse than creating new objects in the data pane and then having to go search for them. Fret no more! The data pane now follows you.

3. Table Extensions in the Data Source

Use Python, R, etc. in the data source directly. No more messing around with it on the dashboard (if you don't want to do that).

Instead, create data sources with code directly included in the data source. Then publish it to Tableau Cloud for everyone to use!

4. Dynamic Zone Visibility

Honestly, at first look we don't see any immediate new use case compared to existing methods (sheet swapping, dynamic parameters to hide sheets, etc.) to achieve this functionality. We very well could be missing something here.

UPDATE: We took a second look at this after seeing some use cases in the community. There are some awesome new use cases for sure. Some of these include zoomable dashboards, table drill-downs, hiding parameter controls, etc.

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