Important Things to Know About HubSpot Attribution Reporting

January 5, 2024
Important Things to Know About HubSpot Attribution Reporting

Don't miss these key points when building out attribution reports in HubSpot

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Attribution reporting within HubSpot offers robust insights into the efficacy of your sales and marketing endeavors. However, to fully leverage this tool, it's critical to be aware of specific aspects that influence the accuracy and usefulness of the data generated. Below are the essential factors to consider.

1. The Importance of Data Quality

Accurate and complete data is imperative for effective attribution reporting in HubSpot. Proper association of data and thorough completion of all fields are prerequisites for deriving meaningful insights from this feature.

2. Parameters for Tracking Customer Interactions

Revenue or customer interactions that occur outside the HubSpot environment must meet specific criteria to be included in attribution reports:

  • They must be directed to a landing page equipped with HubSpot tracking code.
  • Alternatively, a tracking URL, including UTM parameters with the campaign, should be used.

3. Mandatory Property Values for Deals

For any deal to appear in attribution reporting, it must have the following properties accurately filled out:

  • Amount
  • Create Date
  • Close Date

Omission of these details will result in the deal being excluded from the reports.

4. Association of Sales Activities

Sales activities such as calls, meetings, and personalized emails must be associated with both the contact and the deal records. This dual association is necessary for accurate revenue attribution reporting.

5. Limitations on Email Inclusion in Revenue Attribution

Only one-to-one emails that have elicited a reply will be counted in revenue attribution. This is a nuanced detail but important for understanding the full impact of your email outreach initiatives.

In Summary

- Data Quality: Ensuring accuracy and completeness is crucial.

- Tracking URLs: Required for off-platform interactions.

- Property Values: Mandatory for deal inclusion in reports.

- Sales Activities: Must be associated with both contact and deal.

- Email Responses: A prerequisite for counting in revenue attribution.

Understanding and implementing these key considerations will enhance the reliability and effectiveness of your HubSpot attribution reports.

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