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We're driven by our desire to free up time for our clients. Our job is done if you can spend a few more hours with your family, relaxing, or working on more important activities.

When we started
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Who We Are

Hello, we’re, a US based team with extensive experience in automation and analytics. We're a team of creative doers and tinkerers. Our goal as a company is to work smarter (and help you work smarter) so that everyone can spend their time on what's important to them.

Our values

Here are some qualities you can expect while working with us.


No matter the situation, we strive to be honest in everything we do and say.


All our interactions need to be beneficial to all parties involved.

Long-term health and sustainably

Our focus is on long-term sustainability. This includes everything on an individual, business, and relationship level.


Clear and consistent communication is critical for the success of our projects, the satisfaction of our employees and clients, and understanding our work.

Meet Our Founder

Hey, I'm
Dan Saavedra

I've been building IT solutions for nearly 10 years. For every solution I build, I make sure that users love it and the business thrives because of it.

After working for Fortune 100 companies for several years, I realized that all of the automations and analytics that benefit big business hadn't been embraced yet by small businesses. Yet when I asked small business owners why this was, it wasn't because they didn't want these solutions!

These small businesses knew they needed automation, but didn't know where or how to start.

That's why I'm on a mission with to guide small businesses with top-of-the-line automation and analytics solutions.

I love changing people's work lives for the better. And that's why I love building automations and analytics solutions. It frees up my clients' time, so they can spend more time with their family or more time growing their business.

Interested in working with us? Drop us a line!

Automation Projects We've Worked On

These are some of our summaries of projects we've worked on. Client names are kept confidential due to the competitive edge these automations can give them!

E-commerce Client

We set up an automation that added customers to Constant Contact lists based on which items they ordered on the WooCommerce based website.

Hyper-targeted emails were now possible!

Healthcare SaaS Client

We created an automation that took form responses, populated a template, and emailed it as an attachment.

This work was critical infrastructure for a proof-of-concept. We delivered in days so our client could get investors.

E-commerce Client

Using Integromat, we setup a Scenario that populates a Google Slides template based on form responses.

Previously this was done manually. This saved nearly an hour per order!

Services and Operations Client

Custom automation that synced data between a customer scheduling app and employee scheduling app.

They no longer needed a part-time employee to schedule shifts!