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We're driven by our desire to help make data and analytics a critical and profitable part of our clients' businesses.

When we started
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Who We Are

Hello, we’re, a US based team with extensive experience in analytics and automation. We're a team of creative doers and tinkerers. Our goal as a company is to provide you with analytics and automation capabilities that feel like they're in-house, without all the overhead of a full-time team.

Our values

Here are some qualities you can expect while working with us.


No matter the situation, we strive to be honest in everything we do and say.


All our interactions need to be beneficial to all parties involved.

Long-term health and sustainability

Our focus is on long-term sustainability. This includes everything on an individual, business, and relationship level.


Clear and consistent communication is critical for the success of our projects, the satisfaction of our employees and clients, and understanding our work.

Meet Our Founder

Hey, I'm
Dan Saavedra

I've been working with data since 2012. For every project my team works on, I make sure that users love it and the business thrives because of it.

After working for Fortune 100 companies for several years, I realized that all of the analytics that benefit big business hadn't done the same for smaller businesses yet. When I talked to other business owners, I discovered that they were often struggling to get talent that would be able to build impactful analytics solutions for their business.

These businesses knew they needed easy-to-use analytics, but didn't know where or how to start.

That's why I'm on a mission with to guide businesses with top-of-the-line analytics talent and solutions.

I love changing people's work lives for the better. And that's why I love getting them the resources to turn their vision into a reality.

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Analytics Projects We've Worked On

These are some of our summaries of projects we've worked on. Client names are kept confidential due to the competitive edge these analytics can give them!

LMS SaaS Client

We worked on reconciling all of their marketing channel spend. Our audit discovered incorrect Google Tag firing that was registering each page view as a converted click.

This discovery showed that the company had been overcharged by one marketing channel by more than $600k!

Digital Marketing Client

This client had dashboards they sold to their clients to show their digital marketing campaign performance.

We came into what they had built, then overhauled and corrected errors in their reporting from multiple sources. This gave them a scalable, accurate and maintainable solution they could be confident in giving to their clients.

Healthcare SaaS Client

From start to finish, we set up data sources, materialized their analytics vision, and deployed a solution.

This included everything from joining existing data sources, deploying Tableau for their organization, and providing them with a critical set of dashboards their executives used to run their sales and customer success strategies.

Shipping and Logistics Client

We came in and fixed data freshness issues in their Tableau dashboards.

Then, by learning about their business and working alongside the executive team, developed impactful and unique dashboards to reduce unnecessary and costly shrinkage.