Top 6 New Features in Tableau Desktop and Tableau Cloud 2022.4 for Developers

December 22, 2023
Top 6 New Features in Tableau Desktop and Tableau Cloud 2022.4 for Developers

New version, new features! Check out this powerful new release from Tableau.

Tableau 2022.4 offers new features that makes developers lives a whole lot easier. Highlights include external actions, a new image role and others. Watch the video or check out the summary below it.

  1. Swap data sources in individual sheetsInstead of swapping all the data sources, now you can replace those for a single sheet. Save a lot of hassle and rework!
  2. New image role for field semanticYou can import picture assets into Tableau and use visualization to help end users better understand your insights. You can now elevate the delivery of concepts and information with this new feature!
  3. Proper () string functionConvert strings to the proper case using the ‘PROPER ( )’ function. You can now create a calculated field that corrects improper capitalization. A very basic yet usefool feature that will save your time.
  4. Custom views rest APIEverything you can do on a Tableau cloud platform will be possible by embedding Tableau into your other applications.
  5. Fetch all underlying data via APIThis new feature allows developers to build products powered by Tableau. You can now use all the data your dashboard is using for other purposes or even other applications outside Tableau.
  6. New “usage” tab in Tableau CloudTableau presents two options of your dashboard usage, one is total favorites and the other is total views. A quick way for how people can view your visualizations over time.
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