Top 5 New Features in Tableau Cloud 2022.3 for End Users

January 24, 2023
Top 5 New Features in Tableau Cloud 2022.3 for End Users

It's out, and it's a game changer. Check out the top new features in Tableau Desktop 2022.3!

Top 5 New Features in Tableau Cloud 2022.3

Video walkthrough:

1. Data Guide

Ever have a dashboard that you wanted to dive deeper into? Need more insights into outliers, distribution, etc. with the dataset that drives that dashboard?

Data Guide might be the best way to tackle this issue. It's an automated way to deep dive into data points on your dashboards. No need to ask developers to dig deeper.

2. Sharing Explain Data/Data Guide via Slack and Email

Context is king and now we can share specific insights of the Data Guide to other users.

3. Dynamic Zone Visibility

Ask your developers for this! It let's you dynamically interact with your entire dashboard, bringing dashboards up to your expectations in terms of functionality.

4. Embedding API Improvements

Tableau keeps narrowing the gap between embedded analytics via Tableau and what you actually experience on Tableau Cloud. This happens again in this upgrade.

5. Custom Search Improvements

This is more useful if you have tons of content on your Tableau Cloud instance. Dumb search is out, smart search is in.

Which features are you most excited to use to crush your workday?

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