Top New HubSpot Features for End Users in October 2022

February 12, 2023
Top New HubSpot Features for End Users in October 2022

HubSpot keeps pumping out the new features. These are the top ones from October 2022.

Check out the walk-through video or scroll down to see the summary of the top new features!

Playbook Outlines

You can now see and navigate your Playbooks faster with an automatic outline.

Deal Stage Triggers for Playbooks

The playbook will be recommended when a deal stage is set to one of these pipeline stages, enabling you to initiate playbook suggestions depending on various deal properties.

Additional Data Join Info

When creating complex reports from numerous data sources, you can now view a precise preview of what data is being pulled in.

Payment Activities

In the timeline, you can view all payment activity. If anything goes wrong or changes, you will notice it there. Additionally, you can view the subscription activity there.

File History

A file's history can be viewed, including who replaced it, deleted it, moved it, and overwrote it. based on the times that these activities take place. If you just want to see certain activity kinds, you can filter them all.

Task Priority Indicator (mobile)

If you have a lot of tasks, this indicator will help you decide which ones should be completed first as a matter of priority.

HubSpot Calls (mobile)

Through HubSpot Calling, you can place calls and there is also a call recording feature that enables you to deliberately record calls.

Filter Task Type (mobile)

It let you to filter many items, including calls, emails, and tasks that need to be completed.

Sort Tasks (mobile)

Helps you to navigate the task list by sorting items according to priority.

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