How to Bulk Enroll Contacts with Deals by Stage in HubSpot Sequences

October 3, 2023
How to Bulk Enroll Contacts with Deals by Stage in HubSpot Sequences

Learn how to efficienty put prospects in automated Sequences.

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If you've ever needed to automate enrollment of contacts into sequences based on their deal stage in HubSpot, we'll show you how. The steps below outline a simple process, which will allow you to fine-tune your marketing strategy and cater to the needs of your contacts more efficiently.

Step 1: Navigate to the 'Lists' Page

Start by going to your HubSpot dashboard.

- Go to Contacts.

- Click on Lists located at the bottom of the dropdown.

Step 2: Create an Active List Based on Deal Stage

Once you're on the 'Lists' page:

- Click on Create a List.

- Name your list relevant to the deal stage, for instance, "contacts in closed loss".

- Ensure the list is set to 'Active'.

Step 3: Set Up Filters to Segment Contacts by Deal Stage

To ensure you're pulling contacts based on specific deal stages:

- Change the object to the deal object.

- Click on Deal properties.

- Search for and select Deal stage.

- From the dropdown, choose your specific deal stage (e.g., 'closed lost').

Optional: If you wish to further refine your list, you can add additional filters. For instance, if you want to include contacts with fewer than three sales activities:

- Click on Add Filter.

- Select the criteria, such as sales activities, and set the condition (e.g., less than three).

You can also introduce contact filters if you are looking for people from a particular industry or those who showed interest in a certain product.

Step 4: Save and Process the List

Once you've set all the filters:

- Click on Save.

- Wait for HubSpot to process your list.

Step 5: Enroll Contacts in the Sequence

After the list processes:

- Bulk select the contacts you want to enroll.

- Click on Enroll in Sequence.

- Choose the desired sequence to enroll your contacts in.


You can repeat this process for different deal stages or criteria. This allows you to personalize your sequences based on products contacts might be interested in, their past purchases, or any other criteria available within HubSpot objects.

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