Dineline's Systems Transformation Journey with MergeYourData.com

The TechOps framework resulted in streamlined systems, and crucial insights were unveiled that led to informed decision-making. The transition not only reduced operational costs significantly, but also revealed the transformative power of effectively organized and interpreted data.

Dineline's Systems Transformation Journey with MergeYourData.com
TechOps Services and HubSpot Development
Project Timeline
3 months
HubSpot, Clickup, Make.com, Google Sheets

Project Overview


Dineline, a growing company, was confronted with a common obstacle that many scaling organizations encounter: systems fragmentation. With a variety of platforms, including HubSpot, ClickUp, Facebook Ads, Pandadoc, Stripe, and more in use across the company, their data was dispersed.

This made it challenging to consolidate and leverage data effectively. As a result, data-driven decision-making was compromised, and operational costs were escalating. Growth was being limited by disconnected systems and manual efforts.


Jace, the COO and co-founder of Dineline, recognized the issue but found himself carrying the burden of trying to resolve this himself. His technical background in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems like HubSpot gave him a foundation to start with, but the breadth and depth of the problem demanded a more specialized expertise.

The lack of an in-house resource with comprehensive understanding of data handling exacerbated the problem. Dineline needed a solution that would enhance their data management, reduce operational costs, and facilitate better decision-making.

Project Execution

Dineline and MergeYourData.com worked through the challenge of scaling the Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success by taking a methodical approach to improvement.

  1. An audit of their systems landscape and HubSpot account helped identify gaps, potential data issues, and roadblocks users had in the systems.
  2. A plan was created together to rank and tackle the highest impact challenges identified in the audit.
  3. Various solutions were diagrammed ranging from process improvement to new systems architecture and automation.
  4. Solutions were developed, tested, and deployed one by one. Starting with the highest impact and working down the list from there.

Along the way, various team members from the different functions were brought in to hear their experience with the changes and to gather additional feedback for other roadblocks. Ultimately team members voiced that the systems were significantly easier to work with and they were able to greatly improve their daily output.

Project results

The impact of the engagement was:

Significant Reduction in Operational Costs

By integrating and streamlining Dineline's data across different platforms, operational expenses were reduced. Processes were realigned with systems so that the team stopped fighting the tools they were using. The effectiveness of the Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success teams was greatly improved from less manual effort and up-to-date customer journey data.

Effective Data Management

The once chaotic data environment was organized and connected, bringing clarity and structure.

Informed Decision Making

Fragmented, confusing data was turned into valuable insights, empowering Dineline to make data-driven decisions rather than relying on guesswork.

Revealed Hidden Insights

By providing dashboards and analytics previously unknown, MergeYourData.com highlighted crucial business aspects that Dineline was previously unaware of, resulting in broader business improvements.

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