Top HubSpot Features for February (2023)

March 20, 2023
Top HubSpot Features for February (2023)

Another month and another set of crazy new releases from HubSpot!

These are the latest HubSpot features for February 2023 that you don't want to miss. From beginners to advanced users, James dives into the top features released in February. Take a look at the new functions that HubSpot offers below:

Question Bank for Customer Surveys

Users of HubSpot can quickly create a custom survey by choosing preexisting survey questions from a question bank.

Copy HubL Functionality on pages

Developers can now break down sections in the page editor and copy the HubL that gets generated from that section to use as a head start in building their own custom sections. They can now concentrate their time and energy on more essential section customizations.

Embedded Attribution Reporting in Campaigns

This provides users with an exceptionally comprehensive breakdown of the role each person, asset, or interaction play whether it's new contacts, creating new deals, or driving revenue for the business.

User and Team Partitioning for HubDB Tables

Now users can assign Hub DB tables to specific users and teams so that only they can access it. This reduces clutter and enables users to concentrate just on the information that is most essential to their needs.

Scheduled Workflow Triggers

Now that your workflows can be automated, your organization can save alot of time and effort on tasks like data cleansing, team reminders, and so on.

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