iPhone Hotspot not Working - A Workaround

February 23, 2024
iPhone Hotspot not Working - A Workaround

There's nothing more frustrating than your Hotspot not working when you're trying to get work done on the road.

This is specifically for when your Hotspot is truned on, your MacBook or laptop is connected to it, and there is no internet. It most likely will say something like "No IP Address".

In order to fix this, you'll have to go into your wi-fi settings.

For a MacBook:

  1. Open your wi-fi settings
  2. Click on the "Details" button next to your Hotspot network
  3. For the "Configure IPv4" dropdown, select "Using DHCP with Manual Address".
  4. Manually type in your IP address as
  5. Change the "Configure IPv6" dropdown to "Automatically".

Picture below for reference

That's it!

One note is that when you connect to another wi-fi network you'll have to switch those settings back to their defaults for the network to work.

This blog post isn't really related to what we do, but we thought it was helpful for anyone to get work done on the road.

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