What is HubSpot Scoring?

January 10, 2024
What is HubSpot Scoring?

Learn about HubSpot Scoring and how it can benefit lead evaluation and improve your marketing and sales strategies.

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HubSpot Scoring vs. Lead Scoring?

HubSpot Scoring is a type of Lead Scoring using the data that HubSpot gathers about a lead.

What is HubSpot Scoring?

HubSpot Scoring involves assigning points to leads based on how they have interacted with your company. It's essentially a point system for your leads to measure how engaged they are.

Why use HubSpot Scoring?

Scoring your leads enables your company to focus its efforts on leads that are more likely to convert by understanding their behaviors and interactions. They can help you tailor specific offers and advertisements to specific leads based on their unique journey through the sales funnel.

How do I use HubSpot Scoring?

  1. From your HubSpot homepage, click on the settings icon.
  1. On the left-hand side, scroll down to Data Management and click on properties.
  1. Search properties for HubSpot Score.
  1. Open the HubSpot Score property to edit and add scoring critiera.

Positive vs. Negative Criteria:

Positive scoring critieria: Points are added to the score when a record fulfills the criteria in the Positive section. If the record no longer meets the criteria, the corresponding points are deducted from the score.

Negative scoring criteria: Points are deducted from the score when a record satisfies the criteria in the Negative section. If the record no longer meets the criteria, the deducted points will be restored to the score.

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