HubSpot Sales Hub Updates - March (2023)

July 11, 2023
HubSpot Sales Hub Updates - March (2023)

Check out these awesome new HubSpot Sales Hub features released in March 2023

HubSpot released some impactful new features for March 2023. Especially for Sales Hub. James goes over these new features in a quick video above.

New Features

  • You can customize the create record form for each object
  • Improved speaker matching on transcripts

Customize the Create Record Form for Each Object

When contacts, companies, deals, tickets, campaigns, and custom objects are manually created in HubSpot, the properties that appear can be configured by users with the correct permissions. You can decide whether to include specific associations, or specify attributes for each pipeline, depending on your subscription.

To do this in your HubSpot account:

Click the settings settings icon > Objects > click Customize the 'Create [object]' form.

Improved Speaker Matching on Transcripts

With this new feature, instead of random speaker labels, users can now set or change the name of the speaker on a transcript matched by HubSpot AI.

We hope you've enjoyed this quick overview of new Sales Hub features

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