Hourly Packages

A team committed to accelerate your journey to data and business harmony.

If you're looking for project execution and support, this is a great option. Best for smaller scopes than what a retainer covers. Doesn't include strategy or proactive improvements.

Hours can be used 12 months from purchase date. Hours can rollover for another 12 months if an equal or greater package is purchased.

50 hours

Perfect for testing the waters.

Just enough hours to get serious ROI.

Save 10%
Get Starter
100 hours

Our mid-range package.

Perfect for when you have one mid-sized project. Or when you'll need 1-2 hours of support per week.

Save 10% per hour
Get Transformer
Most Popular
150 hours

The best ROI out of any of our hours packages.

For bigger projects that need more hands-on support on a consistent basis.

Save 17% per hour
Get Growth

Common Projects for Hourly Packages

Hourly packages are best for clearly defined projects. Ones where you need a delivery partner to execute.

They're not recommended for long-term engagements, strategic engagements, or open-ended/unknown scopes. For those, our TechOps plans can give you the end-to-end delivery that's needed.

HubSpot Automations, Integrations, and Reports

You have a manual process that needs to be automated, a tool you need to connect to HubSpot, or a report to get built.

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BI Dashboard Development

You're looking for a defined dashboard to be built in Tableau, Power BI, or Looker Studio.

The data pipeline is already built and data is ready to go.

CRM and ERP Analytics

Sometimes analytics in your existing CRM and ERP get a little complicated.

We're here to help get the data you need so you don't have to spend hours messing around.

Software Selection

You're looking to know what you 1, 2, and 3 options are for a specific software category.

We gather info, research, and deliver everything from pricing to why certain tools are better choices for you.

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Ad-Hoc Support Requests

When you need support for certain software at a level that doesn't require a monthly fee.

If we know the platform, we'll provide ad-hoc help.

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Team Augmentation

When you need a specialist to join your team for short periods of time to complete a project.

A simple way to bring them on board without going through the hassle of finding talent elsewhere.

Not ready to take the jump into an hourly plan yet?

Take a smaller first step, with a Tech Stack Audit.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your minimum term?


Each TechOps Plan starts with a 3-month minimum. After that it's month-to-month.

What's the MergeYourData.com Guarantee?


After the Tech Stack Audit, we guarantee that we'll deliver two agreed upon "Operations Challenges" by the end of the first three months.

If we don't meet that deliverable, we'll keep working until we deliver.

I don't want to sign up for the retainer just yet, what's my other option?


We offer our Tech Stack Audit as a standalone first step.

It's a great way for you to see how our team works, some potential projects that can be tackled, and for us to identify opportunities in your organization.

Can I get a quote for a single project?


Unfortunately we don't do one-off projects.

We used to, but found that the results were better for ongoing retainers that allowed flexibility in scope and hand-offs.