Free Manufacturing Marketing Dashboards

Connect your data and get instant insights with our custom pre-built templates.

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Free access for up to 5 users
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Why You Might Want These Dashboards

Tracking your ROI on marketing activities is a pain. You need to check each platform and can't quite get the answers you're looking for.

Our free dashboards bring all that into one place.

  • They let you filter back two years of data
  • You can set goals and track specific data points you care about
  • You can even schedule reports to be emailed to you every week
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What's The Catch?

You're probably wondering this. And it's a good question to ask.

We try to give huge value to you in order to hopefully work with you in the future. When we give away the data fundamentals for free, it opens up the harder problems that we work on (and charge for).

You get instant value up-front. That opens up new questions that take more work but have bigger payback for you.

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What If I Want More Users, Dashboards or Data Sources?

Not a problem.

After you get your free dashboards setup, we can share the pricing for the exact configuration you're looking for.

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The Top Metrics in Your Free Dashboards

These are the numbers we've found most helpful with our clients.

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Cost per Conversion

Both the raw number for every conversion, and the cost per new customer.

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Total Spend

Getting all your spend in one place is how you stay on budget.

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Paid and Organic engagement indicates how effective your marketing influence is.

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Impressions, Clicks, and More

All the fundamental metrics around organic and paid funnels.

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Search Positions

Google Search Console data easily displayed. Know where you show up in search.

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Website Traffic

Engaged sessions, users, and more.