Senior Tableau Developer is seeking a Senior Tableau Developer to provide powerful visualizations to our Manufacturing Clients.

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We're a small remote team of techies with a focus on the holistic picture of business operations.

We build technology that enables the people, processes, and strategies to succeed.

If you like working on challenging problems at a quick pace, this could be a good fit.

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About the position

For this position we're seeking someone who is very familiar with the Tableau platform, from Tableau Online to Tableau Desktop. This role is expected to have expert knowledge of Tableau Desktop, and to be able to do the required ETL work to build efficient and accurate visualizations. You'll have opportunities to both pick up parts of projects, as well as run full projects on your own.

You'll be:

  • Gathering requirements, planning, and building solutions with clients
  • Delivering elegant dashboards that clearly communicate the necessary KPIs and metrics
  • Using Tableau Online and/or Tableau Server to be able to set up environments, publish data sources, and develop dashboards for specified groups of users.
  • Communicating and documenting your work both internally and with clients

Job requirements

We're looking for candidates who are familiar and comfortable with technology. Your work will primarily be Tableau dashboard development, with all the things that go along with a data visualization project. If you have experience with start-to-finish Tableau projects and want to work in an efficient workplace, this is the job for you.

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Needs to have some type of relevant sample work to show (can be a small side-project or a detailed explanation of a project you've done)
  • Always learning and pushing the limits
  • 3+ years of Tableau Desktop experience
  • 1+ years of experience with Tableau Online/Tableau Server
  • 1+ years of experience with an ETL tool like Tableau Prep or Alteryx, or SQL

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