Making data useful and understandable for Manufacturers.
Connected systems, impactful analytics.

You shouldn't have to become a data expert to get answers from the systems you use every day.

We're a data analytics consulting firm that solves operations, sales, and marketing problems with data.

Book a Strategy Call is a Tableau Consulting Firm and Data Analytics Consulting Firm. We also specialize in integrations between CRMs and ERPs.

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Struggling to make sense of all the data your systems generate?

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Tired of manual reporting that takes weeks to prepare?

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Stuck trying to figure out if an internal data team will pay off?

Your growing data footprint makes data infuriating to analyze.

We help make data an easy-to-use asset for your business.

We believe

You shouldn't have to become a data expert to get answers about your business.

Data is a critical part of working in Manufacturing today. But it's not your full-time responsibility and shouldn't be.

With customers to serve and other problems to tackle, you need data at your fingertips. All without spending hours in spreadsheets and five other tools trying to get answers.

That's why we've helped
30+ Clients achieve...
Increase in capacity after 3 months
of working together
Services we provide

We live in the data world. And it's more than just dashboards. Here's what we help with.

A full-time data team typically costs $550k-$750k per year. But only the largest data projects can provide a positive ROI at that rate. We provide the capabilities of a full-time team, who provide insights that move the needle. Not just pretty visuals that leave you asking "So what?"

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Data Visualization & Reporting

From interactive dashboards to automated reports. Intuitive, automated insights.

Drive behavior and make informed decisions.

Data Strategy

Anyone can make a few dashboards and reports. Few can tie together the technical planning with the business understanding that drives real results.

Our team helps keep your data journey on a sustainable and impactful path.

CRM Analytics

CRMs are critical products in your business operations. That's why we help you capitalize on all the data you're collecting in them (plus all the other data you'd like to bring in there).

From HubSpot to Salesforce, get answers from your customer data.

Data Architecture & Engineering

Would you live in a house that wasn't specifically designed to live in and ensured that it. was safe by engineers?

Your data is no different. That's why we bring the architecture and engineering expertise to each project. Making sure that things are built right and built to last.

Systems Integration

Data shouldn't live on an island. We get your data flowing between all your major systems and ready for analysis.

CRMs, ERPs, Data Warehouses, Spreadsheets, SharePoint, Custom Apps. Keep data up-to-date across all your systems.

Data Migration

Move data from database to database, tool to tool, on-premise to cloud.

Changing how people work is hard enough. We'll handle the technical challenges of data migration so you can focus on the change in process.

How we help

Our TechOps Framework that drives results

Onboard & Define

An initial kick-off call, gathering of sources and access, and defining the scope of deliverables.

Identify Your Top 3 Challenges

Narrow down the 3 top priorities in your business. We'll center our deliverables around moving the needle on these.

Collect & Integrate

We explore existing data sources and integrate any that need to be connected.

Model & Explore

Our team builds necessary pipelines, data destinations, and models the data. Then they start an initial exploratory period.

Visualize & Report

Our team designs wireframes and gathers your feedback. Then we build and automate dashboards and reports.

Review & Iterate

After first delivery, you review the output. We then work towards achieving requested changes.

Record & Document

Our work is documented and made available to all teams.

Documentation can include written docs, and videos.

Maintenance or Hand-Off

If we're maintaining the solution, we'll continue to do so. Otherwise, we'll organize and prepare for hand-off to your team.


You're making a sizable investment towards improving your data analytics capabilities.

That's why our team guarantees to deliver 2 analytics projects in the first 4 months.

‍Or we keep working for free until we do.

getting started

Three steps to smooth sailing...

1st step to smooth sailing

1. Book a Strategy Call

Meet with a member of our team to see if it makes sense to work together.

2nd step to smooth sailing

2. Choose a Plan

All projects start with a Tech Stack Audit. It's the foundation that beautiful solutions to Manufacturing Operations are built on.

3rd step to smooth sailing

3. Solve gaps with our team or on your own

With the audit complete, you'll have two immediate challenges to solve with a big ROI.

Bring us along for the ride (with one of our TechOp Plans) or do it solo. Then ride into the sunset of smooth Manufacturing Operations.

What Clients Say

Where you'll end up

In four months you can have data analytics that drive transformative decisions

  • Confidence and calm around forecasts and estimates
  • Smooth, automatic sharing of information between the front office and back office
  • Understanding of operational capacity, sales velocity, and marketing ROI
what you'll avoid

And you could avoid...

Book a Strategy Call
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Not knowing your numbers

Being unaware of your operations, finances, capacity, runway, and existing/future work is detrimental to long-term success.

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Making wrong decisions from guesswork

Picking the wrong direction on a journey can cause months of wasted effort. Get information that prevents guesswork decisions that lead down the wrong path.

Missing opportunities to grow

Missing opportunities to grow

Don't let stale or missing data analytics prevent you from chances to grow.

Losing to more efficient competitors

Losing to more informed competitors

Data and data capabilities are an arms race. Competitors with faster and more accurate analytics win. Be that winner.


5 Things
Great Manufacturing Operations
Get Right

Grab this quick PDF that shows the 5 key elements in great manufacturing operations. It's a great tool to measure where you're at and where you need to go.

Some common Data Sources we Analyze and Data Tools we use

It's time to move on from disconnected and stale data.

Kick off your journey toward frustration-free Data Analytics today.

case studies

Check Out Some Projects We've Done

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"Their technical expertise not only streamlined our data systems but also revealed crucial insights, driving informed decisions and significantly reducing operational costs. Their skill set blew us out of the water."

Jace Kovacevich
Co-Founder and COO of Dineline

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