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The Meteoric Rise of Coronavirus Cases – A Visualization

The Meteoric Rise of Coronavirus Cases – A Visualization
Dan from MergeYourData.com

There have been a lot of reports and analysis of the recent Coronavirus output. We want to throw our hat in the ring here and provide a simple and interactive visualization of the global pandemic.

This dashboard is a simple breakdown of total cases, deaths, and mortality rates over time. You can filter by region to see the case growth by region. While we’ve found mortality rates to stabilize around 4% according to current data, we believe that the real mortality rate is closer to 1%. The reason for this is certain reports are stating that identification and diagnosis of actual COVID-19 cases are under-reported due to individuals being asymptomatic.

The visualization is intended to be viewed on a computer desktop screen. Mobile viewing will not be optimal. Check it out below.


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