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In-Person Teaching and Talks

Level up your business and get immediate impact training.

Do you want your employees to be better equipped for their jobs? To be able to take advantage of opportunities to make their roles and your business more efficient?

We offer in-person and virtual learning sessions to give a framework for automation and analytics in their jobs.

of Participants Said They Received Immediate Value From The Session
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From 1 hour to all-day, we have learning sessions that give maximum return to you and your employees.

How Can You Improve Your Workforce and Your Bottom Line?

As a small business, you and your employees are incredibly busy. There’s never enough time for all the work you have to do. But what if there was a better way? What if your workforce could identify repetitive work and automate it themselves? Could they identify the correct methods and software to offload these tasks?  Do you want to remove the limits on your business’ financial growth?
We bring answers to these questions in our Learning Sessions. These Learning Sessions provide you and your workforce with the mental framework and skills to apply automation and analytics to your everyday work. We’ll walk you through examples as you follow along on your computer. If you have questions specifically about your business, we also tackle those during our Learning Sessions! Immediate, actionable ways of thinking and tools to make automation ideas come to fruition.
Our sessions can be focused around:
– Identifying opportunities for automation
– Building impactful and simple analytics
– Automation using no-code or low-code tools
– Establishing business processes
– Thinking strategically about your daily operations
Not interested in a Learning Session? We also give talks on related topics. These are usually around 1 hour and provide great examples and takeaways for you and your workforce.