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Data Analytics

Know the numbers of where your business is at and where it's going.

Can you answer critical business questions in less than 5 minutes? If not, it’s time to get your Data Analytics Infrastructure set up!

Minutes to Transform Your Business Future

Let us set up an environment where you can get answers in seconds, not days.

Can You Go To One Place To Check Up On Your Entire Business?

Are you able to answer specific business questions with data to back up those answers? Can you do it in less than 5 minutes? If you can’t, you have a dire need for data analytics. According to SCORE, only 45% of small business owners perform data analyses on their business. From our own data, even less perform it on their market. [1]

Less than 5% can get an answer to specific business questions about their finances and workforce capacity within 5 minutes. Could you answer these critical questions in that time?

– What is your YOY (Year-Over-Year) revenue growth?

– How about profits?

– What capacity are you operating at in terms of facility capacity and/or personnel capacity?

– How many people over the next year will you need to hire at your current growth rate?

– What is the ideal demographic of your customer?

– What is your current demographic spread of your customer base?

– Is your business seasonal?

– Which months?

– What is the expected revenue in those months?

– What is the expected need for personnel in those months?

Do You Have A Simple Dashboard That Can Answer Important Business Questions Immediately?

Take a look below at our sample financial performance dashboard. It’s interactive, so make sure to hover and click around!

With client projects, you get additional features to your dashboards:

Alerts when data points cross certain thresholds
Scheduled email reports
Customizable and save-able filtered views
Auto-refreshed data
Commenting and collaboration on dashboards
Much more!