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Human Resources

Many HR processes are prime candidates for automation. You can quickly automate these HR processes:

  • Payroll
  • Onboarding and Offboarding
  • Tracking Vacation Time and Leave Requests
  • Record Retention and Organization
  • End-of-Year Taxes
  • Benefits
  • Time Management and Scheduling


While some small intricacies of accounting cannot be automated, you can find that more than 80% of basic accounting needs to be automated.

  • Connecting and Aggregating Bookkeeping Transactions
  • Quotes, Purchase Orders, Invoices
  • Sales Tax Calculations, Reporting, and Filings
  • Fast Tax Time Filing With Automated Bookkeeping
  • Employee Reimbursements and Approvals


Data Entry and Collection

Have you or your employees been copying data from PDF to Excel, Excel to a CRM, or scanning papers and copying data to somewhere digitally?

Don’t do this! Save yourself time and money by entering data automatically. You can automate these (and more):

  • Data Migrations
  • Conversion from PDF to Excel
  • Collecting Data from Websites into Databases
  • Gathering Data From Customers
  • Cleaning and Organizing Data


Financial Reporting

If you’re taking months, weeks, or even days preparing financial reports to see the health or performance of your business, you are gravely behind the times. Not only does this put your business at risk because it can’t pivot in a timely manner, but it is prone to human error.

Let’s set your business up for financial reporting automation. Get answers on your business’ health and finances in seconds, not days.

  • Automatically Aggregate Data Sources
  • Simplified Real-Time Reporting Dashboards
  • Accurate and Insightful Analytics

Quotes, Proposals, and Invoicing

How many hours do you spend quoting customers, sending over updated proposals, and generating invoices with payment reminders? By manually updating templates and sending reminder and follow up emails, you’re losing hours of valuable time. Time that can be spent contacting new leads, doing value added work, or anything else.

Work with us to set up automated tools that generate quotes, proposals, and invoices in minutes, not hours.

  • Pre-filled fields and professional templates
  • Automated invoices
  • Automatic follow-up emails and payment reminders

Shift Scheduling and Capacity Planning

Juggling employee schedules in a spreadsheet? Having mix-ups and no-shows because of errors in planning? Unable to accurately see your business capacity for the next week or month?

Whether you’re a business with contractors picking up shifts, or a warehouse trying to balance your throughput for the future, let’s optimize your planning process.

  • Maximized workforce efficiency
  • No more spending on unneeded contractors
  • 90% or more time savings in planning