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Tableau Server Scripts

Immediately useful scripts for common Tableau Server and Tableau Online tasks

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We have Tableau Server Scripts available for:

– Site provisioning (copying, creating, etc.)

– Site synchronization (partial or whole site)

– Metadata of all content on Server

– Mass download of Site or Server content

– Mass workbook updating

Dynamic Scripts

Developer Hours Saved

What Types of Scripts Does MergeYourData.com Offer?

Site Provisioning

If you manage a large deployment or multiple deployments of Tableau Server or Tableau Online, the site landscape grows quickly. Managing site provisioning manually becomes a challenge.

Some challenges customers commonly face include:

  • Copying content from one site to another
  • Creating new sites with specific configurations

Don’t spend time manually handling these tasks. Our Site Provisioning scripts offer a simple command line interaction to automate the process.

Site Synchronization

With large and/or complex deployments, keeping things in sync can be impossible. Our Site Synchronization scripts can make these tasks possible and easy. Tasks such as:

  • Syncing data sources between Tableau sites and multiple Servers
  • Syncing project structures across sites
  • Pushing updates to data sources, credentials, or workbooks on multiple sites
  • Verifying permissions on large deployments


Server, Site, and Content Metadata

Need a quick snapshot or download of the structure and metadata of your Tableau Server or Tableau Online instance? Schedule metadata crawls and downloads with our Content Metadata scripts.

  • Gather Server metadata
  • Gather Site and Project metadata
  • Collect permissions and workbook metadata
  • Schedule regular metadata downloads or one-off


Mass Download of Content

Need a quick way to download all of the content on a Server or Site? Our Mass Download script handles mass downloading all data sources and workbooks. While traditional backups are always recommended, this script comes in handy when you need to get local copies fast.

This script handles:

  • Mass content downloads of data sources and workbooks
  • Targeted download of specific projects or tagged content
  • Scheduled delivery of content downloads

Mass Workbook Updating

Need to update credentials for your data sources across multiple workbooks? Add data sources filters? Execute a font change?

Our Mass Workbook Updating scripts handle these changes with ease.

Custom Scripts

You may be looking for scripts that aren’t listed here. And we can help! If you’re looking to automate some of your Tableau Server work but don’t have the right personnel, skill sets, or time, we can provide solutions.

Reach out to us and we’ll be able to come up with a solution.

Why Should You Buy Pre-Made Scripts?

Writing and testing scripts is time consuming, expensive, and prone to error. Mistakes can have significant impacts on your business and bottom line.

Pre-packaged scripts are proven to run successfully at scale. No need to spend weeks of development hours and money working on a solution that you can put to work right off the shelf.

Avoid hiring additional developers or taking your current developers off of current work to solve a problem that’s already been solved! Developing your own scripts is time consuming. You need to collect requirements, task developers, QA the code, do testing, rewrite, rewrite, and rewrite. Skip those steps and go straight to testing!

Get started with our packaged scripts today! Contact us for pricing.

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