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2020 NFL Simulations – Free

Free NFL Simulations Dashboard

Welcome to our free dashboard using our proprietary simulation algorithm! We’ve taken past stats from teams, matchups, and individual players to run 10 simulations for each matchup of the current NFL week. This dashboard will help you determine possible opportunities for favorable bets.

We update this dashboard every Wednesday night in order to take in as much news for injuries and lineup changes as possible.

Looking for more simulations per matchup? Want to be able to save your filters for quick access? Check out our premium dashboard for the NFL here: 

Scroll down for the dashboard! Best viewed on Desktop, but will work on mobile too!

Interested in our Premium Dashboard?

In the 2020-2021 NFL season you can take your NFL betting to the next level. If you pre-order before the release, you can lock in a lifetime rate of $49.99 per month! The price will increase to $99.99 after the official release. Subscriptions will only be charged during months in which the NFL is active (pre-season, regular season, and playoffs).

The premium dashboard includes views such as:

  • 100 simulations per matchup for more accurate outcomes
  • Suggested bets based on the biggest differences between simulations and odds: The moneyline is +250 for the Jets in their matchup, but our simulation has them winning 74% of the time.
  • Situational play selection by team: What % of 2nd and 7 plays are runs in the 4th quarter when the Patriots are in their own territory?
  • Pass or run breakdown in shotgun/under center by team: What % of plays are passes when in shotgun by the Seahawks in the first quarter of games.
  • Play-by-play hot zones for scoring: Find out what zones and downs on a field result in touchdowns.

2020 Free NFL Simulations Dashboards – Current Week