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Combined PPP Loan Data with NAICS Categories

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Combined PPP Loan Data with NAICS Business Categories


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Recently, PPP loan data was released by the US Department of the Treasury. This data was split into different data sets. The first set was loans greater than $150k, which included loan ranges and business names for all businesses in the US. The other sets were split into individual states and territories, and included exact loan amounts without business names. So in our combined data set, you’ll see an exact loan amount and no business names for loans <$150k and you’ll see a loan range and a business name for loans >$150k.

The PPP data contained 6 digit NAICS codes, but did not contain the National Industry Category that the codes matched with. We joined the PPP data with NAICS data to provide additional data for PPP business categorization. These new fields include:

  • Level 1 NAICS Codes (first two digits)
  • Level 2 NAICS Codes (first three digits)
  • Level 3 NAICS Codes (first four digits)
  • Level 4 NAICS Codes (first five digits)
  • Level 5 NAICS Codes (all 6 digits)
  • Level 1 NAICS Category – Sector
  • Level 2 NAICS Category – Subsector
  • Level 3 NAICS Category – Industry
  • Level 4 NAICS Category – NAICS Industry
  • Level 5 NAICS Category – National Industry

Note: If there wasn’t a provided NAICS category, you will see null or no value. If there wasn’t a matched NAICS category, you will see a null or no value. Some NAICS codes were outdated and no longer in use, we only used the most recent 2017 official NAICS reference sheet.

We’ve combined all of these data sets into one easy download. It’s a CSV file (zipped for efficiency purposes) that you can easily download to use for your own analysis.

You can find the original data sets on the US Department of the Treasury website, linked here.