Merge Your Data (Combine/Blend/Bring Together Files)


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Buy now, use whenever. This is the package that started it all, our signature service! Buy one "Merge" for every time you want to merge/combine/blend your data. So if you'd like to blend your data once per month through the whole year, buy 12 packages! We'll keep track of and deduct the number of files you've blended from your total order.

We'll combine up to 10 files in any way you wish and give you back one single file in any format you'd like. For "Merges" of more than 10 files, please reach out to us for pricing -

We highly recommend adding on our Data Cleaning service for the output file, which is only $24.99.

To see what types of data blends we can do, make sure to check out our Possible Data Blends page for in an easy to understand explanation. To see which file formats we accept and can send back to you, check out our File Types page for a quick list.