With the permission of our customers, we love publishing case studies regarding the work we've done. They're a great opportunity for us to share how our work has had an impact on our customer. Case studies also allow you to see how we take your requests for a project and develop a solution that meets and exceeds your requirements.


Hunter's Pet Sitting is a small business in Orlando that specializes in walking, feeding, boarding, and daycare for all types of pets. They've been in business since 2017 and have been growing steadily since then.

The Challenge

Hunter's Pet Sitting gets paid via various payment channels (as do many businesses), has multiple expense accounts, pays contractors using an app, and has multiple customer acquisition channels. During tax season, the time it took to gather all the required information to file took up to a full week of work. This included gathering income and expense data from 5+ sources, all in different formats, structures, and details.

In addition to the incredible amount of time it took to gather income and expenses during tax season, Hunter's Pet Sitting had no way of understanding the health of the business, opportunities for expansion, or seasonal capacity. While many business owners have an excellent "gut feeling" when it comes to their business, having data can provide cold-hard facts to back up that gut instinct.

The Solution

MergeYourData.com's first focus was to cut down on the time it took Hunter's Pet Sitting to prepare for tax season. Not only did this task occupy a significant amount of time for the business each year, it also costed more due to the increased time for the hired accountant to sort everything out.

Our first focus was getting a single table of all the financial data needed by Hunter's Pet Sitting's accountant in order to accurately file taxes for the business. The preferred output would be a single Excel sheet for the accountant to use for their own calculations. After 30 minutes of discussion with Hunter's Pet Sitting, we mapped the fields from all their data sources and identified criteria for filtering and joining the sources.

With this project plan, we built out the workflow that spits out the Excel sheet for the accountant. Hunter's Pet Sitting wanted this output on a quarterly basis, and the beauty of our solution is that with the workflow we built, a new output each quarter that can be generated in less than 5 minutes! Plus it'll only cost Hunter's Pet Sitting $99.99 each time they need a new output.

Quick savings math: Hunter's Pet Sitting spent 40 hours each quarter manually pulling together their financial data for their accountant. This was approximately $2,000 each quarter in labor costs. Now they pay us $99.99 each quarter to get the same results in 5 minutes. $2,000-$99.99 = $1,900.01 in savings each quarter or $7,600.04 per year! These savings are huge for a small business, and other businesses with more time spent on data aggregation and cleaning could save even more.

For the second part of our solution, we wanted to focus on helping Hunter's Pet Sitting get visibility on several key business metrics. These included:

  • health of the business
  • opportunities for expansion
  • seasonal capacity

 With the newly cleaned and aggregated data source, we got to work. To keep things short and sweet, we were able to create an interactive dashboard with 3 views. Unfortunately we can't share all of the views due to sensitivity of the data, but are able to show the first view with redacted information. Remember, you can always view our public dashboards to get a feel for our dashboard design and user interface.


Hunter's Pet Sitting Dashboard

Through this dashboard, Hunter's Pet Sitting can:

  • see data on a specific customer's lifetime value, frequency, and acquisition date
  • view trends on new customer acquisition, distribution of customer lifetime value, loyalty of customers, and seasonality of business
  • identify opportunities to offer special discounts to loyal customers, incentivize return business for one-off customers or seasonal-only customers, and see when running promotions could increase customer acquisition in down periods

With these new dashboards in hand, Hunter's Pet Sitting was able to increase their net revenue for the year by 25% by running sales and increasing communication to specific customers in specific time frames. The results speak for themselves, as the ROI for our dashboard services was over 500% for the first year of use. 


1. Build out Hunter's Pet Sitting's data cleaning and aggregation workflow to run quarterly.

2. Verify the new single data source and understand its contents.

3. Build the first iteration of visualizations of the data.

4. Sit down with Hunter's Pet Sitting to verify usefulness and simplicity of the visualization. Gather feedback for changes to be made.

5. Build out the changes requested.

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