Today's world is a rapidly changing landscape where large incumbents have advantages that range from huge capital reserves to access to the best global talent. Elections, social movements, business opportunities, and innovation are all driven by data. Those with the best data and the top talent when it comes to data are constantly expanding the gap between data-driven businesses and everyone else. 

Orlando and the surrounding Central Florida area is home to around 17,000 independent sector organizations (those not classified as private or public organizations), 4,000 of those being 501c3 non-profits. As a Central Florida owned and based business, we want to empower both private small businesses and the 17,000 independent sector organizations to compete in a global economy. That's why for Central Florida non-profits, we offer our services for free. Data and automation allow non-profits to increase their efficiency by providing better mission targeting and eliminating redundant work that doesn't contribute value to their mission directly. This allows personnel to focus more on what matters, like the people or animals they're helping. 

Our plans for improving our community don't stop there though. Here are some of our future goals for and Central Florida:

  • Open a hybrid office and education center in West Orlando
  • Offer full-time employment with full benefits that is capped at 25 hours/week
  • Reduce the median housing to income ratio in Central Florida
  • Decreasing the number of large corporations that extract money from our local economy while increasing the small local businesses who keep money within Central Florida

If you're interested in anything we've mentioned above, make sure to reach out to our founder:

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