Shipping and Processing

What are the different delivery options available?

All orders are delivered electronically via either email or an encrypted file upload to a specified location.

What electronic delivery speeds are available? offers three options for "shipping" at checkout:
Free - Standard Delivery (5 business day turnaround)
$9.99 - Express Delivery (1 business day turnaround)
$29.99 - Hyper Delivery (6 hour turnaround between 5am and 8pm EST)

How can I track my order?

A combination of automated order emails and communication from our staff will keep you up-to-date with the status of your order.

Which countries do you accept orders from?

We accept orders from every country around the world. Although we don't have anyone on staff who speaks a language outside of English, we are more than happy to process data in foreign languages.


How do I submit the details of my order?

After finishing the checkout process, a form will appear where you can fill in your form details and attach your files.

Can I change my order details?

Once we begin our services on blending, cleaning, or building a visualization of your data, we do not accept changes to your order unless we explicitly communicate with you that it is OK. You'll know when we begin processing your order as you will receive an email regarding its progress.

I want my files to be encrypted before sending and receiving it, how do I do that?

For customers who'd like their files to be encrypted while in transit, we utilize a special upload and download service that allows encryption for both us and the customer. If you select the encrypted option on your order form, we'll reach out to you with directions.

What Data Visualizations can you build?

Please see our sample visualizations page for a list and examples of what we can build.

General Services Information

Do you provide consulting services?

We'd be more than happy to discuss consulting opportunities with you! Please reach out to us

Do you offer refunds?

Generally, we'll work with you to get the result you wanted from our services. If both parties agree that it'd be better to abandon the services and move-on, we'll issue a full refund. Please see our Refunds Policy page for more details.

Can you do a recurring blend?

Absolutely! We recommend purchasing our 9+ file blend service. It never expires and acts as credits that you can redeem at any time. Additionally, our order form has a spot for you to indicate whether it's a recurring blend/clean/visualization.

I'm concerned about data confidentiality, will you sign documentation regarding secrecy?

We never share, sell, or distribute data given to us by our customers. If you'd like us to sign an NDA or Data Confidentiality Agreement provided by you or your employer, we' be happy to. In your order detail form submittal, just indicate your request in the additional comments section.

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