We Merge, Blend, Clean, Visualize.... Breathe Data

A Little About Our Team

MergeYourData.com is a US based team with extensive experience working as Data Analysts, Software Developers, Business Analysts, and more. We understand the day-to-day difficulties of mundane tasks and processes that limit business growth. We're excellent communicators who know the right questions to ask our customers in order to help them achieve their automation, efficiency, and growth goals.

Why We Started MergeYourData.com

After our founder's friends and family discovered his magical powers of automation, they quickly requested his help in growing their own small businesses. After several tasks that helped grow their businesses more than 50% YoY while decreasing hours worked by 50%, the word spread! This work was incredibly rewarding for both our founder and the "customers" that our founder decided to offer these services to others outside of friends and family.

With the increasing number of small business owners and the software landscape to solve their problems, our founder realized that an expert in that software landscape could change the lives of business owners and companies. By automating businesses' admin work, we're able to reduce workload and increase profit and revenue!

Our Mission

MergeYourData.com aims to provide trusted and simple business automation for customers of all sizes.

Improving Our Community

Our roots are in Orlando, Florida. We love providing automations to local businesses to elevate their position in the local, state, national, and global economy. We dream of empowering people from all walks of life with the power of data. If you're a public school, non-profit, or positive grassroots movement, please reach out to us via email to discuss services we can provide you free of charge.

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