Make can be the most powerful tool in your tech stack.

Let us make that your reality.

Make (formerly Integromat) blows Zapier out of the water. But do you have the right skills and dedicated time to realize that potential?

Tap into a team of Make experts that connect your business processes to the technical setup required for smooth sailing.

Automation as a Service

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What is ANALYTICS as a service?

A highly skilled and high-impact partnership for your business

Expertise in planning and building your analytics

Each team has hand-picked positions for your project. So you get well-planned and carefully implemented analytics customized for your business.

Experience you can tap into for the cost of one full-time senior employee

Our team has seen and built analytics for all types of clients and data stacks. This experience shines through all the new work they'll be doing for you.

Measurable impact on your business

Whether it's internal data projects or data capabilities you repackage clients, you'll be generating more revenue through actionable insights.

Your tech stack should be a symphony..

Get a team that turns your tools into an orchestra

The Plans

HubSpot Setup

$800 - $2,000
per month
Just getting started on your analytics journey? Ready to finally start moving away from spreadsheets and towards reliable and scalable dashboards?

This retainer gets you there 10 times faster than hiring a full-time employee.
Interactive Dashboards
Automated Reports
Detailed Documentation
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HubSpot Setup

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Customized based on your needs
Looking to turbo boost your analytics capabilities? For companies already started on their analytics journey, this plan will boost you to the next level.

Get ready for careful planning, building, and transforming of your data.
All Starter plan features
Data Architecture
Dedicated Project Manager
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Automation &
Reporting Development

$2,000 - $10,000
Customized based on your needs
For businesses looking to get our team fully integrated and working alongside their own teams.

This is the whole package, from trainings to data science capabilities. The best way to combine your business' specialty with our specialty of data.
All Guide plan features
Data Science Capabilities
Trainings for your team
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$400 per month

Sometimes you don't need new solutions built. Our Maintenance Only Plan is a way for you to get reliable administration and maintenance of your current solutions and tools without breaking the bank.
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Don't waste another minute struggling with data.
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