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Have You Written a Small Business Plan for the Year?

Have You Written a Small Business Plan for the Year?
Dan from MergeYourData.com

The new year brings a fresh start. To both your personal life and your business. It’s a time to set new goals and develop new plans. Have you written your business plan for the new year?

Writing down your goals doesn’t have to be an extensive activity. Whether it’s bullet points or a full blown multi-page plan, writing down something forces you and your team to brainstorm the future. This activity itself can provide valuable results as a reflection exercise, and can give a benchmark to revisit as often as you like. Some businesses we work with like visiting their yearly plan every week, others use it as a tool to get back on track when they’ve been struggling. Find your use for it and make it happen.

Topics to Consider in Your Plan

Below is a quick checklist of topics and questions you can use to address those topics during the brainstorm for your yearly business plan. Make sure to make quantifiable (measurable) goals for each specific objective.

  • Marketing and Sales
    • Do you have a marketing content calendar and plan?
    • What will be your platforms and areas of focus? (e.g. Facebook Ads to acquire new local customers)
    • Is your information accurate across your website, search results, and social media?
    • If you have dedicated sales, what will your outbound sales strategy be?
    • How much of your time weekly should be dedicated to sales?
    • What guerilla strategies can be used to expand your presence and business?
  • Branding
    • Do you have standard brand elements (colors, logos, fonts)?
    • Is your brand identifiable in a crowd of brands?
    • Does your brand convey the feel of your company accurately?
  • Financial Performance
    • What are your growth goals for the year?
    • What is your target gross and net revenue?
    • Are you meeting your retention rate?
    • Do you know the nuts and bolts of the business’ financials?
  • Marketplace
    • What is your place in the marketplace?
    • Are competitors beating you consistently? Why?
    • Does your product or service have a clear focus that is easy to understand?
    • Do you know your customers?
  • Team
    • Do you need to grow your team?
    • What specific skills will you bring on board to meet your business goals?
    • Is your current team aligned and performing to expectations?
  • Efficiency and Tooling
    • Are you or your team doing repetitive admin tasks?
    • Do you copy data from one system to another?
    • Are you utilizing the software and tools available for efficient growth?
    • Can you outsource any work in your business?

This list is certainly not extensive in topics or prodding questions. It is meant as a starter to get the brainstorming juices flowing. Hopefully you can revisit this list throughout the year to add to it or check off items that you’ve accomplished.

Don’t forget, if you get to the Efficiency and Tooling portion of your brainstorming and feel lost when it comes to IT, data, and process portions of your business, it’s OK! Technology can be an intimidating and difficult to understand part of your business, but is certainly a critical one. We’re experts at getting businesses up to speed and excelling in their operations so that they don’t have to worry about the mundane stuff. MergeYourData.com offers free 30 minute consultations if you have some general (or specific) questions regarding data, software, or general automation.

MergeYourData.com is a data consulting business located in Orlando, Florida. We specialize in everything from data analysis to business automation. We’re tech people and want to make your life easier and your business better. Schedule a free brief chat here (it’s automated so you know when we’re free and we know when you’ve booked something).


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