Quick answers to simple questions.

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How long do projects take?

Project delivery timelines vary greatly depending on scope and your current situation. Schedule a call with us to get a more accurate timeline based on your situation.

How long do your solutions work for?

Software, apps, and the web is always changing, so things occasionally break. We plan and build as intelligently as possible to make our solutions as resilient as we can.

We also guarantee functionality for at least a year after project delivery. Afterwards we offer hourly support to update or fix solutions. So you're never left out to dry!

What is automation?

Automation is replacing manual and repeated efforts with a tool that does the same task with reduced or removed human intervention. For small businesses, automation often is related to office tasks, data, or communication.

Where should I start with data analytics?

If you have existing apps that offer analytics within the tool, start with that! Otherwise, you'll need a broader strategy including data models, infrastructure and tooling, dashboards, and more.

Schedule a call with us to dive deeper into data analytics, your vision, and how we can help.

What software tools/apps do you recommend?

Check out our Top Apps page to see categorized lists of our recommended apps for businesses.