Advanced Data Visualization


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    For a simple fee, we'll create a static dashboard output from your data. This will be sent back to you as an interactive dashboard or PDF, JPG, or PNG. The dashboard can include up to 4 advanced views. This includes two revisions as well in order to fully capture your requirements and expectations. After you check out, you'll have an order form to fill out where you can either select which visualizations you'd like or choose to have us reach out to you to discuss your options.

      Make sure to check out our sample visualizations with public data in order to get an idea of different view types. For Advanced Data Visualization orders, you may choose both Standard and Advanced views. Advanced view types include:

      • Violin plot
      • The following Maps (with zip, county, sub-regional, regional, country and continent breakdowns)
        • Choropleth map
        • Dot map
        • Connection map
        • Flow map
      • Bullet chart
      • Pyramid chart
      • Bump chart
      • Partero chart
      • Sankey diagram
      • Nightingale Rose chart
      • Arc diagram

      Basic View Types:

      • Bar chart
        • Stacked
        • Single
        • Radial
      • Donut chart
      • Line chart
      • Pie chart
      • Basic Map (with zip, county, sub-regional, regional, country and continent breakdowns)
      • Scatter plot
      • Gantt chart
      • Bubble chart
      • Histogram chart
      • Heat map
      • Highlight table
      • Treemap
      • Box and whisker
      • Candlestick chart

      Remember, many of these visualization types can be combined! Reach out to us with any questions you might have concerning data visualizations.