We're adding sample data visualizations for your convenience.

We're adding sample data visualizations for your convenience.

There are many different data visualizations one can choose to provide insights into data sets. It's easy to get lost trying to figure out which visualizations are possible, much less which ones are appropriate. For our customers and blog readers, we figured it'd be best to have examples of all the visualizations we can make all in one place. Simple examples with a brief explanation of each visualization. The craziest part is that these are focused examples (so a bar chart is simply a bar chart), but there are thousands of combination possibilities of the different chart types (like a stacked bar chart with a dot chart).

Over the past few weeks and the next few coming up, we'll be adding each visualization type we offer to our Visualization Examples page. It's been quite the fun challenge for us as we've been using purely public data sets. This is a win-win for both us and our customers because we get even more practice on massaging, analyzing, blending, and understanding data sets we're not familiar with, while customers can see that we're creative and effective at getting meaningful insights from all different sources of data.

Make sure to check out the page and give us any feedback on the visualizations we have or on visualizations you'd like to see if we can do.


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