Our Response to COVID-19 Economic Impacts

Our Response to COVID-19 Economic Impacts

Recently, COVID-19 has caused shutdowns across the globe for schools, businesses, and other public gatherings. The result so far has been devastation to many businesses, which has resulted in layoffs, decreased revenue, and being forced to close up temporarily or permanently.

Times like these are periods of great sadness, loss and struggle. It is also a time of great opportunity for those willing to adapt, grow and take risks. For those willing and interested, MergeYourData.com wants to provide one of those opportunities. While business slows, it is the perfect time to automate processes of your business that were manually handled before. This will allow you to scale and grow after this recession passes. To assist businesses in taking advantage of the downtime, we've decided to eliminate the financial burden of choosing to grow in a down period. For the next six months, any new or existing customers will have payments deferred for six months. This means no payments will be due while the economy is struggling.

In addition, we're always flexible with payment terms. Whether this means splitting up payments over several months or receiving discounts for entire payments upfront. MergeYourData.com is always willing to work with you to maximize your returns and efficiencies.

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