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What role can automation play in your business?

Automation isn't always the right solution for your processes. It's important to find a balance....

Automation isn't always the right solution for your processes. It's important to find a balance between automation and manual tasks, so that your business stays personal and flexible in its operations.

Wearing different hats is necessary during periods of growth. But what if you could offload a few hats that weren't servicing you like they should? Let's take a look at what roles automation can take in a balanced, yet scalable business.

Automation can act as...

1️. A capacity expander 🚀🚀🚀

You don't need more headcount to expand your work capacity. Automating data flow between systems, having dashboards that update automatically, and automating daily time-wasters can double productivity. Repetitive human tasks reduce capacity, automation frees up that capacity and straps rocket boosters to it.

2️. A resiliency builder in your operations 💪💪💪

Formalizing processes for automation is a double whammy. It makes your business systemize its processes to allow for automation. This reduces the business' dependence on people who "just have their job in their head".

People get sick, take vacation, switch jobs. Your business can't depend on processes that aren't able to be passed off to another human or system!

3️. A basic virtual assistant 🤖🤖🤖

For repetitive tasks and communication, there's no need to hire an actual assistant to do the work. Use automation instead.

Tools like HubSpot have email and text snippets, scheduling links so people can book mutually open meeting times, and automated sequences that give customers the info they need at the right time in their journey.

4️. An off-loader for tasks that “don't make money” 💸 💸 💸

Owners, Executives, sales personnel, and other revenue-generating people need to focus on... efforts that generate revenue! Automation can be their partner in removing non-revenue generating activities taking up their time.

What role automation will play in your business?

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