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A business performance dashboard example

Tired of not being able to figure out your business performance in a snap?

Are you a partner small business owner who feels lost in the dark when looking at your data? This new sample dashboard in Tableau is a great example of what we build our clients to get critical insights into the health of their business. This view is interactive and mobile-friendly, so you can dive deeper and get your data on the move.

The Dashboard


Many law firms are using platforms like Clio to keep track of their activities. While these platforms have great reporting and visualization capabilities, it gets difficult to dive really deep into all of your data inside and outside of these platforms. That's where our team at MergeYourData.com thrives.

We bring together data from all the places you collect it in order to extract unique and actionable insights. While dashboards like the one we built above can be very useful to give an overall view of your firm, you'll also need the capability to drill into problematic trends. Reach out to us and we'd be happy to get you beyond the average analytics solution!

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Dan Saavedra


Dan is an expert in automation and data visualization. He approaches problems as interconnected networks, and likes to extract insights by connecting dots between obscure topics.