Automation as a Service

A team of automation experts at your fingertips, without the full-time employee overhead.

Automation as a Service

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What is automation as a service?

A scalable and instant-impact partnership for your business

Expertise in planning and building your automations

Each team has an Automation Consultant, Project Manager, and Automation Developer. So you get well-planned and carefully implemented automations customized for your business.

High quality and resilient builds

Our team has seen and built automations for all types of clients. This experience shines through all the new work they'll be doing for you.

Measurable impact on your business

We build in analytics to your automations so that you know exactly how much time and money you're saving with the partnership.

You've got questions. We have (some) answers.

Quick answers to simple questions.

Can't find what you're looking for? Feel free to send us an email or give us a call.

What's the minimum commitment?

Our subscriptions start with an initial 3 month commitment. After that, it's month-to-month.

What if I need more hours for the month?

We stay on top of planning to make sure things go as expected. If you end up needing more hours in a crunch, you can upgrade your plan for a month to cover. Just let us know and we'd be happy to adjust.

Do unused hours roll over?

Unused hours roll over for one month. If you end up not using your hours after that, we'll reach out to downgrade your plan so you're not throwing money away!

Do I have to purchase my own software?

If you want! We work with the software you own, or can bring our own infrastructure to save you the hassle of tons of subscriptions.

Does this last forever?

Unfortunately, all good things come to an end. We work with clients who need a full-time team but aren't quite ready to hire the headcount. Once analytics and automation help your business grow to new heights, you'll be ready for an in-house team. And we'll help you transition to that!

What is automation?

Automation is replacing manual and repeated efforts with a tool that does the same task with reduced or removed human intervention. For small businesses, automation often is related to office tasks, data, or communication.

Business Automation is the bread and butter of a smoothly operating business

Redundant, manual tasks are drowning your business. Let us get your head above the water and onto a jet ski.

We listen to what's pulling down your business, and then implement the best automation solutions to let you breathe.

Sales and Marketing

CRMs, sales processes, email marketing, you-name-it. We'll get your sales and marketing efforts streamlined and effective.

Finances and Invoicing

Gathering your financial data, quoting customers, and collecting payments... Are things you shouldn't waste time doing manually!


Repetitive and mundane day-to-day operations are for robots not humans. We can get your employees back to human-form and configure the robots to take over the boring tasks.

HR/Client Onboarding and Offboarding

Let us take your existing customer data and build out interactive insights so you can see who you should focus your selling efforts on.

Don't waste another minute struggling with data.
Book 30 minutes with us to start your journey towards easy analytics and automation.

Want to get on the waiting list?

Grab a spot to get on the waiting list. We make sure that we have the capacity to fully serve our clients with a top-notch team. This means we don't overbook our schedules.

The top reasons why businesses hire us for automation

The average small business uses 73 apps to run their business. There's no possible way for a human to keep all those systems running in sync!

The list of "whys" for automation is endless, but here are some common ones we see.

Save on Payroll

Automation reduces the amount of time to do a job. If you have hourly headcount, that means less labor costs.

Increase resiliency

Don't you want to make sure your business keeps running if you step away? Smartly implemented automation can create a resilient business.

Reduce costly errors and rework

Machines do what you tell them to do. That's why automation can help you avoid expensive human-mistakes.

Do more business

More free time means the ability to serve more customers. Maximize your revenue generating activities.

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