Analytics Retainer

We'll be your Decision Support partners. Perfect for businesses looking to have trusted data experts on speed-dial.

It's hard enough to run and grow your core business. Why make it harder by trying to run an in-house data team?

Our team makes your life easy when it comes to data. So you can continue to scale your core business while having the confidence of hard-data behind your decisions.

Automation as a Service

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What is ANALYTICS as a service?

A highly skilled and high-impact partnership for your business

Expertise in planning and building your analytics

Each team has hand-picked positions for your project. So you get well-planned and carefully implemented analytics customized for your business.

Experience you can tap into for the cost of one full-time senior employee

Our team has seen and built analytics for all types of clients and data stacks. This experience shines through all the new work they'll be doing for you.

Measurable impact on your business

Whether it's internal data projects or data capabilities you repackage clients, you'll be generating more revenue through actionable insights.

Running into any of these thoughts?

You know that your business needs better data solutions. And whether you're already a few steps into your data journey or gathering supplies to finally take that first step, there are way too many decisions to be made.

That means you're probably asking yourself some of these questions...

How can I get out of spreadsheet hell and start using data to improve how I run my business?

Getting stuck in spreadsheet hell is... well, hell. We help you get into data heaven instead. This means automated and instant insights instead of missing your weekend to crunch numbers.

How can I get my team to make decisions based on data rather than feelings?

Do you drive a car without a dashboard to tell you your speed or fuel level? You could technically do it, but you're going to run into some problems in the long-term. Running a business on feelings is no different.

What strategy or plans do I need to transform my business with data?

You can't just slap data onto your current business and expect change to occur. It has to be strategically implemented into your day-to-day operations. Our experts can help with that.

Am I going to be able to afford the data people we need to be successful?

A highly competent full-time data team could cost you more than $600k per year. Tapping into our team's specialities as-needed could save you $500k or more per year for the same results.

Can I get the right people in place to build out the analytics solutions we need?

If you're building your own full-time team, this could be 6 months or more. With us, you'll already be on your 2nd or 3rd project by then!

What happens if projects change and I need different specialists?

If you build your own team, changes in your needs of technical skillsets can be devastating. With, we can swap in the right talent on demand.

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You could go searching for a data unicorn
(an employee who does it all)...

Or you could get a team that can do
it all for the cost of one employee

Types of companies we work with

Do you fall into one of these three industries?

Marketing Agencies

Does your agency ever get requests for analytics projects and capabilities? Stop turning them away and tap into our team of analytics experts.

We bring our data skills into your organization so you can offer the dashboards and solutions your clients beg for.

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SaaS Companies

Your development team is hard at work on your product. But do they have the time and skillset to drive impactful analytics projects from start to finish?

We're a perfect supplement to your existing technical talent so they can focus on your product and customers. We'll handle the data that drives that product success.

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Logistics Companies

There are thousands of moving parts in a logistics company. People, materials, scheduling, customers, cash flow, you name it.

If you own or manage a logistics company, you might feel like all you do is run around and gather information.

What if you could see everything in one spot instead? We can get you to that point.

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Process Improvement

Sometimes it's difficult to start automating and analyzing your business if you don't know the processes that run it. We can map and document your processes, improve them, and set you up for success.

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App Configuration

Is your business getting the most out of its apps? Let us set up, optimize, and automate your tools so you can reach your maximum potential.

Some popular apps we configure include Zapier, Integromat, Tableau, and more.

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Upskill your team and get a fresh perspective on your day-to-day work. Whether it's one-on-one sessions or group classes, our trainings give the best long-term returns on your money.


Ready to learn the details?

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The Plans


per month
Just getting started on your analytics journey? Ready to finally start moving away from spreadsheets and towards reliable and scalable dashboards?

This retainer gets you there 10 times faster than hiring a full-time employee.
Interactive Dashboards
Automated Reports
Detailed Documentation
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Customized based on your needs
Looking to turbo boost your analytics capabilities? For companies already started on their analytics journey, this plan will boost you to the next level.

Get ready for careful planning, building, and transforming of your data.
All Starter plan features
Data Architecture
Dedicated Project Manager
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Customized based on your needs
For businesses looking to get our team fully integrated and working alongside their own teams.

This is the whole package, from trainings to data science capabilities. The best way to combine your business' specialty with our specialty of data.
All Guide plan features
Data Science Capabilities
Trainings for your team
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Maintenance Only Plan
$400 per month per system

Sometimes you don't need new solutions built. Our Maintenance Only Plan is a way for you to get reliable administration and maintenance of your current solutions and tools without breaking the bank.
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A few companies we've worked with

A quick glance...

Data is our specialty.
Here's what we can make data do for you.

Some common use cases we see from clients.

Build analytics solutions for your own clients

Your clients hired you for your speciality. Now that they trust in you, they want you to take on data work as well. We can be your team to open up that new revenue stream for your business.

Supplement your existing data team

Businesses change. Projects change faster. You might not have the technical talent needed when you pivot. Let our team fill those gaps so you don't deal with months of delays and wasted spend.

Take your internal analytics to the next level

Highly talented jacks-of-all-trades can get your business far. But there's a breaking point. Get to that next-level of a data-driven organization with scalable, insightful, and predictive analytics built by a team of experts.

Strategize, plan, and implement analytics across your business

You might be sitting in spreadsheet hell. Insights are sparse and your business can't trust the spreadsheets. It's time to get an analytics setup that lets you tap into insights now, not in 4 weeks when Bob finished his spreadsheet wizardry.

Don't see a plan that works for you? Reach out to us with what you're thinking.

Don't waste another minute struggling with data.
Book 30 minutes with us to start your journey towards easy analytics and automation.

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