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About Us

Hello, we’re MergeYourData.com, a US based team with extensive experience in automation and analytics.

We understand the day-to-day difficulties of mundane tasks and processes that limit business growth. We’re excellent communicators who know the right questions to ask our customers in order to help them achieve their automation, efficiency, and growth goals.

Meet The Founder


Dan is an experienced Systems Architect and Data Analyst who loves making the lives of others better. From working at Fortune 500 companies, he was able to discover best practices for simplifying processes and making informed decisions with impactful data.
After talking to various friends who were small business owners, he found that those best practices could have several magnitudes more impact on small businesses. This launched MergeYourData.com, where he could provide automation and analytics services, tutorials, and data products to these small businesses.
Outside of technology, Dan spends his weekends doing woodworking projects and working his permaculture plot alongside his two dogs.

Improving Our Community

Our roots are in Orlando, Florida. We love providing automations to local businesses to elevate their position in the local, state, national, and global economy. We dream of empowering people from all walks of life with the power of data. If you’re a public school, non-profit, or positive grassroots movement, please reach out to us via email to discuss services we can provide you free of charge.